Thanks for visiting my about page. My name is Jesse, you may know me from nicheinformer.com where I (used to) blog about SEO and making money online with niche websites. I don’t publish there often these days because I focus on my own portfolio of websites.

I’ve had this itch for quite a while to build an app or software of some type that would benefit this industry (publishers) which would include myself. After debating with myself which direction I want to go with it since there was no shortage of ideas, I landed on TeamPublisher.io. It’s a software that brings your team together and automates mundane daily SEO tasks into one platform.

So I’m not only trying to solve your problems and time with TeamPublisher, I’m solving my own as well. Since I’m a blogger/publisher like you, I have a good idea of what your pain points might be. On the other hand you could have a system already that you’re happy with, and that’s fine. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. However if you’re open to a more efficient way of working, all I ask is that you give TeamPublisher a shot and give me some feedback on it.

All of the software out there now that web publishers are using to manage their teams, DO NOT have the tools and features that I’m adding to TeamPublisher. That’s because no other tool is aimed at publishers, they’re just general team managers. I’ll be listening closely to feedback from users and add some key SEO and publishing features that benefit us, save us time, and ultimately allow us to scale.

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TeamPublisher is a tool for web publishers and bloggers. This application is currently in development. Sign up above to join the early access waiting list.

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