is a Web Publisher Toolkit & Team Manager is a team management software made specifically for bloggers, content creators, internet marketers, and web publishers. It’s basically a combination of ClickUp, WriterAccess, and Google Sheets with some nifty SEO features built in.

After years of being a full-time web publisher and blogger, I learned all of the pain points in the process of outsourcing and publishing to a content website. This software was born out of the need to solve some of my own problems as a web publisher so that I can scale my business faster, make less mistakes, and stay more organized.

How It Works

From idea to published content

Here’s an example of how your topic might flow through TeamPublisher in your topic sheet. These are the default statuses, but you can create your own to suit the needs of your SOP.

1. Open

2. In-progress

3. Submitted

4. Editing

5. Ready For Review

6. Published

Tools and integrations

TeamPublisher was built with automation in mind. The idea was to eliminate mundane tasks that could be solved with software as well as bring some helpful data into one place where it can be better utilized.

Integrate with Google Search Console

Pull in keyword search volume data

Integrate with Google Analytics

With more coming…


Keeps track of all your topics

One of the most important things this software does is manage your active topics. Have everything in the same sheet that everyone on your team can have individual permissions to.

Tracks tasks

Track tasks outside of articles being written. You can also create custom tasks that need to be done by VAs or writers. Set due dates and attach sheets to tasks.

Monitors team productivity

Easily go back and see if writers are hitting their weekly goals or how many articles VAs are formatting each month. Reward team members that go above and beyond, keep others on their toes.

Allows your team to work together directly

Take more off of your own plate and allow your team members to work together directly. This frees up your time and allows you to focus on growing the business.

Handles writer word counts

Each time your writer submits a piece of content, Team Publisher counts the words and calculates what you owe based on the rate you entered for that freelancer.

Simplifies outsourcing guides a topic through the publishing pipeline from idea to polished content. Easily scale your team when you’re ready.


Monthly Plans

Pricing coming soon


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Can I bulk import topics?

Yes! Forget doing it one by one and save time. You can bulk import as many topics as you need to and have all notes and assignements tied to each topic as soon as it lands on the platform.

Can’t Google Sheets and Email do all of this?

You can make it work with just Google Apps, but it’s cumbersome and clunky not having everything conveniently in one place.

How do I pay my writers?

Payments are not handled in Team Publisher. However, each time an article is submitted, TeamPublisher automatically counts the words and calculates what is owed to the writer based on the rate in their profile. You can then pay with PayPal or your choice of payment method.

Why is Team Publisher better than other team managers? was built with web publishers and bloggers in mind. The features and tools you’ll find on this platform are geared towards helping publishers get each topic to “Published” easier.

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TeamPublisher is a tool for web publishers and bloggers. This application is currently in development. Sign up above to join the early access waiting list.

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